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Jinfeng Industrial Co., Ltd. takes part in Huangshan City emergency environmental emergency rescue drill.


  On the morning of December 6, 2017, the person in charge of Jinfeng Company participated in the emergency rescue performance sponsored by Huangshan Environmental Protection Bureau, Huizhou Environmental Protection Bureau, Anhui Huizhou Economic Development Zone Administrative Committee, Huangshan Environmental Monitoring Team, Huangshan Environmental Monitoring Station, Huizhou Fire Protection Team and Huizhou TV Station. Practice.

  Municipal Government Emergency Response Office, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Huizhou District Government leadership, the district and County Environmental Protection Bureau and monitoring brigade, Huizhou District, the relevant units responsible for the press unit reporters observed the emergency rescue drill.

  Through this drill and fire fighting knowledge training, the company has effectively enhanced the effective prevention, control and timely elimination of environmental accidents, improve the emergency response capacity of environmental pollution accidents.